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IRS Key Mail Notice Confirming Second Stimulus Check Shipment | The State

The key IRS notice by mail confirming shipment of second stimulus check

Millions of Americans Still Waiting for the Second Stimulus Check Distributed by the U.S. Government

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He Notice 1444 (Notice 1444) is the key document to have on hand in case you need to request from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) the stimulus check or checks that you have not received or claim missing funds from so-called “Economic Impact Payments”.

The IRS is a document that the IRS mails in which notifies the payee that they have processed their check.

“For security reasons, the IRS mails this notice to each recipient’s last known address within 15 days of payment. It is especially important for people to keep this notice if they think their payment amount is wrong. When they file their 2020 tax return, they can refer to Notice 1444 and claim additional credits, if they are eligible for them, ”the agency indicates on its website.

“Taxpayers should keep this notice on file with their other important tax files. These include W-2s from employers, 1099s from banks and other payers, other income documents and files of virtual currency transactions ”, the entity adds in one of its entries.

If you received the notification but not the payment, you can submit the claim on your tax return along with Notice 1444 or Notice 1444-B, if it is the second stimulus check.

Including the document on the tax return will facilitate the processing of stimulus funds owed through a “Refund Recovery Credit.”

With the same document, the taxpayer could also request a “trace” or “payment fingerprint”. The user can resort to this procedure if the online tool “Get My Payment” It tells you that the payment has already been sent, and yet the estimated time of arrival passes and you do not receive the aid.

“Non-filers” is no longer available

For the first round of payments, the online tool “Non-filers” was available until November 21 for people who were not required to file taxes to provide their personal information to process the payment. But the service will not be reactivated at the moment to claim the payment of the second round.

The advice of the IRS is that people who do not usually file taxes do so this time to request the payments due. This will also expedite the disbursement in the event that a third stimulus check is approved under the Joe Biden Administration.


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