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11 Stars Who’ve Rocked Bold Neon Hair: Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj & More

Celebrities are often making bold statements with their hairstyles, and these stars have gone all-out with their bright, neon looks!

Thanks to wigs and temporary hair dye, celebrities are really going above and beyond when it comes to innovative hair looks. Neon locks have become quite common amongst stars in recent years. Many times, celebrities will have a neon hair look while matching their locks to their outfits, while others simply want to stand out. From bright pinks to oranges, purples and more, we’ve seen a celeb wear just about every neon color at some point.

Kylie Jenner attends the 2019 Met Gala after-party. (MEGA)

In 2019, Kylie Jenner turned major heads with her Met Gala after-party look. She channeled a mermaid by wearing a seafoam green dress and long, matching wig. The after-party ensemble was reminiscent of the look that Kylie wore to the actual Met Gala — a lavender Versace dress and matching hair. Kylie is ALWAYS changing up her hair, but this may have been her boldest look of all-time!

Kim Kardashian steps out in Miami with neon green hair. (MEGA)

Meanwhile, Kylie’s big sister, Kim Kardashian, definitely gives her a run for her money when it comes to out-there hairstyles. During a 2018 trip to Miami, Kim stepped out with neon green hair that reached down past her waist. She paired the bright locks with a spray tan and metallic dress, along with clear heels. She also rented a bright green Lamborghini to drive while she was wearing the matching hair. NO BIG DEAL!

Cardi B out with pink hair. (MEGA)

Of course, Cardi B is never one to shy away from standing out, so it’s no surprise that she’s been spotted with bright neon hair, too. Cardi paired her hot pink wig with a black leather dress and fishnet stockings for a night out. She also wore pink-hued eye shadow and lipstick to go with the look.

Nicki Minaj with bright purple hair. (AP)

Nicki Minaj rocked her neon hair look while on a red carpet. She wore a beaded, purple dress for the event, which was paired with a two-toned lavender hairstyle. One side of her curly locks was light purple, while the other side was a brighter tone. There are plenty of more amazing neon hair looks where these came from, too — and you can check them out in the gallery above!

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