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Melania's rudeness to Trump and his followers in Florida

The former presidential partner will reside in Florida.

Noam Galai / Getty Images

The former first lady Melania Trump made another of his famous rudeness to the former president Donald trump.

It happened during his arrival in Florida, where the couple and their son Barron will live in Mar-a-Lago.

When getting off Air Force One, the former model arrived in a colorful summer dress, very different from the black outfit she wore when leaving the White House.

In addition to that detail, the disdain of the former first lady drew attention to greet the supporters of the former Republican president, whom he gathered to receive him.

As Trump stopped by to greet them, Melania looked at them seriously and continued on her way to board the official vehicle. Even the former president was surprised not to see her by his side.

Of course, the video went viral on social networks and was highly commented, highlighting that the former first lady no longer cares about protocols.

There are still doubts that the couple reside permanently in Mar-a-Lago, after reports that neighbors were against it.


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