José Ángel García, Gael García’s father, dies | The State

Through a statement on social networks Bella de la Vega, wife of the actor’s father Gael garcia, had reported on the serious health of her husband himself in which he asked everyone a prayer for his speedy recovery.

Was the same actress who now confirmed through Facebook that José Ángel García died at the age of 62 old because of the complications derived from pulmonary fibrosis that he suffered for years and to whom he dedicated some emotional words.

“In Paradise you are MY LOVE, MY SKY, MY LIFE! In our Avalon we will meet again, my EVERYTHING! I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND FOREVER, MY MASTER, THE LOVE OF MY LIFE “, wrote De la Vega his moving farewell.

Bella’s post was filled with several messages of support, after the difficult time she is going through. In addition, the public expects a reaction from Gael García.

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