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Ghosts appear at home for Mexican playmate Brenda Zambrano | The State

To the sensual Brenda zambrano They have already taken it out more than once.

It was through her Instagram account that the former participant of Acapulco shore revealed that it has not been one but several times that he has been scared in his department.

So he assures that there is paranormal activity in his home, because strange things happen, he even uploaded a recording where apparently a chair moves without anyone being near it.

“Yes, I’m very out of the loop,” she expressed in the same Instagram stories. “I do not know what to believe. I do not know what to do. Now that Guty comes, we can see what we do ”.

Currently, the 27-year-old girl shares a nest with her current partner, model and television star, Guty Carrera.

The couple recently placed cameras both in their bedroom and on the ground floor of the penthouse they share, which is how they obtained evidence of how some of their furniture moves on its own.

“I even want to cry from fear”Brenda said.

On the other hand, Guty has shown his followers how he has done “cleanings” in the house, however it has not proven to be effective in reducing the tensions of his girlfriend regarding the presence of ghosts.


“I don’t know what the fuck is happening anymore, I’m going to go crazy. If I’m already crazy, I’m going to go back more! ”.
Brenda Zambrano, model.

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