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The truth behind the viral video where a woman discovers her husband being unfaithful to her mother | The State

On TikTok a video has gone viralor shared by a user of said social network, in which It shows, apparently, the exact moment in which a woman discovers that her husband is unfaithful to her, nothing more and nothing less than with her own mother.

The person who uploaded the video indicated that the “infidel” is his brother and he was at home precisely when his wife discovered the deception. In fact, In the video, you can only see the discussion between the couple while some girls, who apparently are their daughters, listen with fear to the fight outside the door.

“Why with my mother?” The woman is heard shouting, while the person who is recording tells the girls to go to the store for some sweets.


My brother got involved with his sugra and my sister-in-law will catch them if this video reaches 10 thousand likes I upload 2nd part #family #fighting #infidelity

♬ original sound – Goy Goyy

Unbelievably, in a couple of days, the video amassed more than 25 million views, although several Internet users doubted the veracity of the situation, especially since the person who shared it wrote the following: “We want to reach 200,000 followers. My little ones are happy for the support ”.

Everything is a lie

Finally, the TikTok user who shared the video and who identifies himself as Goy Goyy came out to show his face, ensuring that everything it was a montage which he made in the company of his 2 youngest daughters, whom in the first video he labeled as his nieces.

Here is the explanation why you should not believe everything you see on the networks:


The truth is that I prefer to show my face and apologize, I never thought the video would become very viral forgive us # sorry # Excuse me

♬ original sound – Goy Goyy


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