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McDonald’s will give cheeseburgers at ¢ 25 cents just for today | The State

McDonald’s will give cheeseburgers for ¢ 25 cents just for today

You must make a $ 1 purchase to take advantage of the promotion.

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If you have the craving for a McDonald’s hamburger, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then you may be interested in taking advantage of the promotion that the famous fast food restaurant will have today.

And is that Just for today, Thursday, you can buy a McDonald’s cheeseburger for just ¢ 25 cents as part of the promotion “Throwback Thursday” of the chain of the golden arches.

But being able to take advantage of the offer, you must place an order from the McDonald’s app and spend at least $ 1Which, it must be accepted, would not represent a great expense either.

Take into account that next Thursday, January 28, McDonald’s will offer another promotion, but this time it will give a small shake for ¢ 25 cents (with the same restrictions applied), as reported on Fox 8.

Other offers to be seen later include a ¢ 20 cent apple pie and large ¢ 35-cent potatoes.

So now you know, for only ¢ 25 cents (or $ 1.25 dollars, if you take into account the dollar you have to spend to activate the promotion) you can satisfy your craving for a McDonald’s product, but best of all, your pocket does not you will suffer for it.

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