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The last challenge of mountaineering: a group of climbers managed to ascend K2 in the middle of winter | The State

A team of 10 Nepalese mountaineers achieved the first winter ascent to K2, of 8,611 meters, the only one of the 14 “eight thousand” thator had it been crowned in winter, a feat regarded as the last great challenge of mountaineeringreported ‘Seven Summits’, organizer of the expedition.

“We have achieved it, believe us, we have done it”the company said on its Twitter

ANDl K2, an almost perfect pyramid and the second highest mountain in the world, was the only one of the 14 peaks over eight thousand meters high, the highest in the world, which had not been climbed in winter.

The ten climbers who participated in the final ascent were Nirmal Purja, Mingma David Sherpa, Mingma Tenzing Sherpa, Geljen Sherpa, Pem Chiri Sherpa, Dawa Tempba Sherpa, Mingma G, Dawa Tenjin Sherpa, Kili Pemba Sherpa, and Sona Sherpa.

This winter sSome 60 mountaineers have gathered at the K2 base camp to try to achieve the great feat, including Spanish Sergi Mingote who lost his life after suffering a fall while descending to base camp.

So far only 367 mountaineers have reached the second highest peak in the world, 86 have died trying.


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