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Katy Perry accused of animal abuse after saying she will try to make her dog vegan

Katy Perry.

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American singer Katy Perry She became involved in a controversy with users of social networks after she confessed on Twitter over the weekend that she wants her dog to become vegan like her.

“I am 95% ready to be 100% vegan (…) My dog ​​’Nugget’ has been joining me on this trip for the past 4 months. Pray for us, ok ”, the singer wrote in her account.

Causing divided reactions from Internet users, who considered this a real “abuse” against their pet and began to leave messages for their revelation.

“Dogs are carnivores, it belongs to nature and genetics. We as humans must not take away this part that belongs to their species. We can control many things, but controlling who they are is not our duty ”, they left him under his post.

Several people agreed that dogs should continue their normal diet and continued to write: “I hope‘ Nugget ’has only been accompanying you in giving you emotional support. Dogs shouldn’t be vegan, so please continue to give him what he needs. “

“Katy, I love you, but forcing your dog to be vegan is abuse, I do not care what others say”, “Dogs cannot be vegan, they are carnivores,” other tweets said.

However, PETA, an organization for animal rights, expressed support for the singer’s decision, as they reported that animals can also be healthy with these vegan alternatives.

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