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Disneyland cancels the sale of annual passes | The State

Disneyland cancels the sale of annual passes

The company will also reimburse people who bought annual passes for 2020.

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Disneyland announced that it would end its Annual Pass program, while also offering refunds to 2020 pass holders.. All this because the COVID-19 pandemic kept visitors in quarantine and unable to go to the park for most of the year.

“Due to the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic and limitations surrounding the reopening of our California theme parks, we will issue appropriate refunds for eligible Disneyland Resort annual passes and will terminate the current program,” said Ken Potrock, president of Disneyland Resort, as reported in USA Today.

California’s big theme parks haven’t been able to reopen since they closed in March. Based on state guidelines and amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, they are not expected to open anytime soon.

State health officials have said that large amusement parks like Disneyland can only reopen once streaming reaches trough levels, and after this the capacity of the park will be limited to 25%.

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