Gulf News to host webinar on healthy pregnancy and how to take care of your child

Fakeeh University Hospital
Join the webinar organised by Gulf News to answer all your questions on how to prepare yourself beforehand to ensure that your journey through pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible
Image Credit: Fakeeh University Hospital

You have just got the big news! You are pregnant! The feeling when you get confirmation from your doctor, is that of absolute elation. Giving birth to your own child will be up there with one of the most wonderful, confusing, overwhelming, joyful and also vulnerable moments of your life.

After jumping up and down because you found out you’re pregnant, your first thoughts probably are: What can I eat? Can I still exercise? What are the complications that can arise? How do I prepare myself for the big day? One of the most important things that pregnant mums should know is that a healthy pregnancy begins the moment you find out you’re pregnant.

So, what can you do to ensure a healthy early pregnancy? Don’t worry, we know it seems as if there is so much to do before the baby comes and there is, but relax, it’ll be ok and we’re here to help you get these things taken care of.

Join the webinar, organised by Gulf News, on January 20, Wednesday from 11am-12pm to answer all your questions on how to prepare yourself beforehand to ensure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

After the baby is born, the period from infancy to three years is an intense period of change and growth for the baby – and the parents. The first few hours, days, weeks and then years with your baby can be equal parts terrific and terrifying. Prospective parents know babies require around-the-clock care, but it’s still unnerving to discover what exactly that entails. How to take care of a newborn? Why childhood immunisations are important? What milestones to watch out in your baby’s development?

During the webinar we’ll also discuss the right care will help you ensure right growth and development of your child. Gulf News has brought together experts from from Fakeeh University Hospital to shed light on all these questions and more.

We’re pleased to welcome:

Dr Alaa Youness Mohammed, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai

Dr Bariah Dardari, HOD – Child Health Department, Fakeeh University Hospital, Dubai

Vivek Shukla, Moderator, Partner – Healthcare, RSM

Register now to be a part of a interesting and insightful discussion and the experts will be happy to answer any questions you might want to ask.

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