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Arnab leaks require serious inquiry: Shashi Tharoor


Tribune News Service
New Delhi, January 17

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has said the leaked Arnab messages demand serious inquiry.

“The leaked WhatsApp chats reveal three reprehensible things requiring serious inquiry: leaking of military secrets to a TV channel for its commercial purposes; a “nationalist” gloating over the death of 40 jawans as an “attack we have won like crazy”, and a fraudulent manipulation of TRPs. But if the Government won’t conduct such an inquiry (& we all expect it won’t, given the evidence of its complicity in the betrayals revealed), who will? Is this one more thing we will have to take a PIL to the Supreme Court for?” Tharoor asked.

Meanwile, the Pakistan Foreign Office has sought to capitalise on the transcripts included in the Mumbai Police charge-sheet against Republic TV anchor Arnab Goswami by alleging they represent “irrefutable evidence of India’s state-sponsorship of terrorism”.

In a statement, it claimed the latest revelations confirm Pakistan’s allegations that the BJP government stages “false flag” operations, maligns Pakistan with terrorism-related allegations and “manipulates national sentiment in its bid to win elections”.

The transcripts, it said, also illustrate the nexus between the ‘Hindutva’ regime and a section of the media.

“We hope that the international community would take full cognisance of the situation and hold India accountable for its actions vitiating the regional environment and endangering peace and security in South Asia,” said the statement.


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