Tips to bathe your baby in the winter and prevent him from getting sick | The State

Although generally Babies usually enjoy bath time, it is very likely that in winter they do not have the same sensation due to the low temperatures.

The first thing to consider is that during this time of year, you don’t need to bathe your baby daily, Because you don’t sweat as much, and cold, dry weather pulls the natural moisture out of your skin.

A good idea is that in addition to the central heating you have in the bathroom, you turn on a heater to further acclimatize the environment and thus prevent the baby from being cold when he is already without clothes.

Check that the water is at the right temperature. When you have both elements, in the same bath undresses the baby, so you run less risk of it getting cold.

Regarding the amount of water to use, in winter it is advisable to fill the tub a little more; It is also necessary to monitor the temperature of our hands, because nobody likes to feel cold while rubbing or caressing.

Change it in the same room and if you can, in the bathroom, as it will be warmer than the rest of the rooms. Dry your head very well to remove excess water from the hair.

It will be necessary to take short baths, because if you spread too much, the water will cool quickly.


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