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Elderly man has been weaving blankets for the homeless for 15 years | The State

A 75-year-old American man named Brent Rushton, whom his acquaintances call “Dad”, For the past 15 years, she has dedicated herself to knitting blankets and quilts for people who live on the streets.

Rushton recently found that this is the way to redeem himself for some sins committed in the past.

“I spent 75 years feeling like a bad person, so suddenly, I decided that it was better that a new chapter in my life began”the man pointed out.

The old man assures that since he opted for this activity, has knitted about 300 blankets and he makes them in a workshop that initially started it to work with wood.

Rushton invest 6 hours a day in this work, which keeps him busy, since he says he would go crazy if he had nothing to do, “he said.


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