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NYPD Reiterates "No Credible Threats" of Violence in the Big Apple Ahead of Biden's Swearing In | The State

NYPD Reiterates

The Trump Tower in Manhattan was surrounded by a security device. (Archive)

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Before him FBI alert about protests and possible acts of violence in the 50 states of the country before and during the day of the President elect Joe Biden on January 20, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and elected officials of the City reiterate that there are no “credible threats” of violence in the Big Apple, but they claim to be “prepared and trained” for any incident.

“From now until take possessionn, we will have a strong presence in the properties of the outgoing President, including Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. After the inauguration, we will reassess our security posture, “he told The newspaper a spokesperson for NYPD.

The head of the Department Uniformed, Terrence Monahan, commented to local media that every day the officers are training in front of any scenario.

“If we have information that someone is trying to create chaos, loot or destroy, the police will act immediately. Violent individual or group elements may not see them, but our troops would be ready in the same second that someone tries an irregular act “Monahan argued.

Since before Presidential Election Day 2020, NYPD components received special training to act against violent demonstrations or protests that were expected in the city, on the part of both partisan factors in play, before the result of the elections.

“In this climate of tension, we must not forget that we are in the native city of the President. We must be cautious, because there are too many heightened passions in every corner of the country. We have no threats, there is nothing concrete. Even so, we also do not ignore that there are hatreds that were spread in this process, “reasoned a source from the police force.

Alert in the capital of New York

A protest last week near the State Legislature headquarters in the New York state capital of Albany resulted in a double stabbing, after alleged Antifa supporters clashed with members of the ‘Proud Boys’ during a rally in support of President Donald Trump. These events were recorded on the same day of the violent shot at the Capitol in Washington.

In reaction, dozens of state troopers, including some canine units, have been patrolling around the state Capitol.

“Given recent events in Washington and across the country, the New York State Police, as a precaution, have taken steps to strengthen security in and around Albany. These restrictions are in effect upon further notice, ”he said. Beau Duffy, spokesman for the State Police, in an email.

NYPD to Washington

In the wake of the violent assault on the United States Capitol last week, the NYPD is sending more than 200 officers to Washington, to be part of the security device of the events related to the taking of possession of the President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harrisreported this Thursday John Miller counterterrorism chief of the Uniformed.

It will be the first time that agents of the New York police institution help protect a presidential inauguration.


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