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Without a bra, with cheeks and rolls on her head, Carolina Sandoval did her ‘Trasnocho con Caro’ | The State

The ex-driver of Tell me what you know, Carolina sandoval, he did his “Overnight with Caro” as it had not been seen for a long time, almost as God brought her into the world. We already know that “The Poisonous” does not suffer from shame and that is why she put some rolls on her head, some cheeky cheeks and a flannel without a bra that left part of her “Pechonalidad” In view of all.

The topic? the feminine beauty, the complexes of many, the fear, the insecurities of some women with their body and especially before men. All this framed in the good humor and frontality that characterizes her. He also took the opportunity to give some tricks when taking photos and showed how a simple pose can make you look much better.

Very contrary to expectations, Carolina sandoval it did not receive a considerable volume of criticism. On the contrary, they admired the courage to come out dressed like this despite not having a 90 60 90 body and thanked him for the minutes of laughter that he caused in many. There is no doubt that when “The Poisonous” He wants to make noise, he achieves it and in a massive way.

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