Luis Miguel’s ex, Mariah Carey, says that being ‘Half Black’ was ‘an internal struggle’ | The State

Singer Mariah Carey Over the decades she has become one of the historic and legendary divas of the recording industry, there is no doubt about that. But the truth is that, in her last interview, the interpreter wanted to remind public opinion that her professional path has not been exactly one full of roses, but rather one full of thorns. In fact, the artist wanted to highlight some of the problems that she suffered in the beginning due to her condition as a mestizo woman.

“My story does not begin with the release of my first album … It all begins when I use the ‘wrong’ wax to draw my father, who is black, when I don’t understand my own hair because I’m half black. It all starts with those identity problems, with those internal struggles, with those things that are beyond your control. It also starts when record label executives don’t know which audience to address because, at the racial level, I’m ambiguous “, has recalled in conversation with the musician Questlove, leader of the band The Roots, on his popular podcast.

The music star has also been shown “Haunted” having written a comprehensive and successful autobiography called ‘The Meaning of Mariah Carey’ that, in his own words, will help his future biographers or journalists who analyze his long artistic career can count on a “template” background to avoid misunderstandings or historical inaccuracies. “When people want to tell my story in the future, they will have to use this book as a template. This is my true story and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to tell it myself “, has sentenced.

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