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The body changes they can produce stretch marks, also called stretch marks, according to Cuídate Plus. These trademarks of the skin are arranged in a linearThey are pink to whitish in color and usually appear mostly on the skin of women.

The diagnosis is easy to perform since it is possible to see through an exploration dermatological during the query with a specialist. Stretch marks are generally locate on the breasts, abdomen, hips and thighs.

Why stretch marks occur

These almost always arise due to pregnancy, being the result of stretching of the skin. But pregnancy is not the only cause. In fact, they can also appear in teenagers, especially in the back, due to its natural process of increase.

The increase or loss of weight are also involved in training of stretch marks, especially in people who usually go to the Gym frequently. Surgery bariatric, and the increase mammary also cause the formation of stretch marks.

During pregnancy, between 75% and 90% of pregnant women can develop them in the third trimester of gestation.

On the other hand, hormonal changes and predisposition genetics they also cause them. Other factors are related to diseases genetics and the use of corticosteroids long-term.

Stretch marks
Creams and oils can be applied to the skin to prevent stretch marks from appearing. Source: Shutterstock

How to prevent stretch marks

There are hundreds of products that are sold for to prevent stretch marks. However, according to the evidence scientific, not enough tests that show that these products fully serve to prevent them.

Although the cAsian entella, coconut oil and olive oil have not had an impact on studies, they are usually recommended for the prevention of stretch marks.

That is why it should be taken into account that, although recommended, these may not be as effective as expected. On the other hand, there are those who do they workbut to other people it may not.

Either way, the best is Consult with the specialist to learn more about the subject and listen to the suggestions that I can give.

Is it possible to remove stretch marks?

You should know that stretch marks are difficult to disappear. However, this does not mean that it is impossible.

If the stretch marks are white, there is not much to do, although there is a little hope. If 15% glycolic acid is used in conjunction with retinoic acid, together they could be effective and it is a alternative that you could try.

In the case of colored stretch marks Red, there is a little more hope, since apparently the use of acid retinoic has been effective for your treatment. Another alternative is the To be of pulsed dye.

In any case, before starting any treatment it is important to resort to a dermatologist to make sure you don’t have effects adverse on the skin; but it is even more important when you are in the pregnancy stage.

On the other hand, stretch marks do not usually cause other health problems, and the discomfort or problem it generates is aestheticThat is why there are those who learn to live with them while others look for ways to make them disappear.

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