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Christian Chávez puts on a crop top and supports with this ‘Fashion without gender’ | The State

Actor and singer Christian chavez has caused thousands of positive emotions in your account Instagram by being seen with a crop top, which included a design of the famous cartoon “Scooby Doo” and sporting a very worked lower abdomen. The artist, who has always attracted attention for his extravagant outfits, this time he did so in support of the “Fashion without gender”.

The social movement seeks equality between men and women when it comes to dressing and, quite the contrary to what many might think, this trend is not recent at all. Some are the famous who have dressed in feminine clothes. The gallant of Brad Pitt He has done it on previous occasions, where he has even worn women’s dresses. The idea of ​​those who support the “Fashion without gender” is that people feel free to wear the garment they want, because it is just that, clothes.

Despite the scandals he has starred in Chavez recent years and his most recent and successful meeting with his fellow RBD, always takes time to fight not only for gender causes but for many others, where their social responsibility has been more than evidenced.

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