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Tini Stoessel talks about her break with Sebastián Yatra | The State

It has been several months since Tini Stoessel will end his relationship with Sebastian Yatra, but now, the singer talks about this event that left a great sentimental mark on her.

The news of their breakup took fans by surprise, who saw the couple as happiest in the social networks. And even though it was in May 2020, Tini He had not revealed the reasons why both of them made that decision.

And now, in the midst of the success of the release of his new album ‘Tini Tini Tini’, the actress also spoke about what has happened in this time in which they are no longer together.

“We did not speak again or have contact; I hope he is well and being very happy. We didn’t get a chance to speak in person, but the fond memories will remain. It was part of my life and a lot of very beautiful things … “, he commented in an interview for the Mexican newspaper Reform.

Tini noted that in this time of confinement due to the pandemic by the COVID-19, she had the opportunity to find herself and change her life: “I found myself from another aspect. Before things happened to me and I didn’t have time to process them because I was already in something else, in another show, in another country … “.

For his part, the Colombian also gave statements about his breakup last July to Univision: “Obviously it was not an easy moment and it has not been. We continue to love each other and I will always want the best for her, we will always respect each other, we will always have great affection for each other … “

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