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Baby Discovered Nursing From His Dead Mother | The State

A sad scene was discovered a few days ago by some cops of the location of Madhya Pradesh, in India, starring a 17-month-old baby and his mother, who was found dead.

The authorities would carry out an inspection of the train tracks when suddenly, several people were found swirling near the body of a young woman who was lying on the floor and her little son was close to her, crying inconsolably.

The baby, apparently, was hungry, since he was clinging to his mother’s breast, trying to breastfeed, which moved everyone present.

“When we got closer, we saw a boy crying and drinking his milk. It brought tears to our eyes, ”the officers declared.

The authorities made the removal of the woman’s body to initiate the corresponding investigations and thus find out the cause of her death.

The minor was transferred to a hospital near the Madhya Pradesh area for a general check-up and to rule out any anomaly.


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