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How to Identify Back Pain Caused by Cancer | The State

Back pain can manifest itself from several causes, and one of them is the Cancer. As Cuídate Plus indicates, the possibility of back pain manifesting itself from cancer is enough for us to pay special attention to this discomfort.

There are different signs that can alert you to he Cancer as a trigger for back pain. We will review these signs as well as the characteristics of cancer pain so that you keep this in mind.

Warning signs

To weigh the possibility of cancer causing back pain, the specialist taking several factors into account at the time of consultation with the patient. This usually occurs in a visit for low back pain, the most common form of back pain.

One of the most important are family history of cancer. If there have been people in the patient’s family who have developed the disease, the chances of a cancer being responsible for the pain increase.

A pain that increases progressively and that does not give way to painkillers it may be caused by cancer. If the patient expresses this during his consultation, the specialist will have reason to think that a cancer is the cause of the problem.

Cancer-like back pain will also be accompanied by a certain neurological deficit that will manifest as loss of feeling and strength in the legs. It is also possible that a loss of sphincter control.

Also important confirm that back pain has not been triggered by triggers such as trauma, sudden movements, overexertion, among others. This will make it easier to identify cancer as a probable cause of discomfort.

Back pain
Sometimes severe pain in the back can be treated to serious conditions like cancer. Source: Shutterstock

Characteristics of cancer pain

Among the warning signs to identify possible cancer-type back pain, there are two that are crucial to be able to diagnose the existence and development of cancer. These are:

  • Pain that does not allow to fall asleep and that awakens the patient during the night.
  • Pain that does not respond to the usual treatments for common low back pain.

These two features allow assert with greater certainty that cancer is responsible for back pain, or at least that the back pain that the patient experiences is not due to the most common causes.

Whatever the case, it is essential that the patient see a specialist as soon as possible to identify the cause of discomfort, be it cancer or another disease that promotes back pain outside of normal parameters.

It is very important that you go to a health center if you consider that cancer may be behind back pain. The sooner you attend to the condition, the better your chances of recovery..

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