Clarence Thomas, Justice of the Supreme, in trouble for support of his wife to supporters of Trump | The State

Clarence Thomas, Justice of the Supreme.

Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images

Donald Trump supporters’ assault on Capitol Hill has one of the most conservative justices on the US Supreme Court in trouble.

Ginni thomas, wife of Judge Clarence Thomas, the only African-American in the Supreme Court, posted on Facebook messages of support for the people who gathered in Washington on January 6.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas.
Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas. Getty Images

I love MAGA peopleGinni Thomas wrote on her profile. “God bless you go out to defend or pray.”

The messages were written before the outgoing president gave a speech to the crowd and the mob stormed the building that houses the nation’s Congress. The posts were later deleted and the magistrate’s wife has not posted anything since.


Ginni Thomas’ messages on January 6 are not the first to show her sympathy for Trump. According to Slate, women often publish conspiracy theories about a coup against Trump financed by magnate George Soros.

The magistrate’s wife has also reproduced false information about the role of Bill gates, founder of Microsoft, on the coronavirus vaccine. According to the New York Times, Ginni Thomas made lists of federal officials who were not loyal enough to Trump. It has also condemned to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Personalities in social networks have requested the resignation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme for open support for Trump and his supporters.


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