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Barcelona is the team in the world that provokes the most interactions on social networks | The State

He Barcelona achieved this 2020, for the sixth consecutive year, to be the sports entity in the world that generates the most interactions on social networks, with a total of 1,603 million “likes”, comments and content shares, according to data from the Blinkfire analysis portal.

This figure represents a growth of 13% compared to the data for 2019 and gives Barça the record of being, for the first time, the only club that exceeds the 1,500 million interaction barrier.

The tribute that Argentine striker Leo Messi dedicated to the late Diego Armando Maradona, after scoring a goal at the Camp Nou on November 29, turned that day of the year is the busiest on Barça social networks.

In addition, Barcelona has been, during its six years of uninterrupted leadership in the networks, the only sports entity that has exceeded 1,000 million interactions year after year.

As the Barça club pointed out this Friday in a statement, the preminence of Barça in the digital sphere is thanks to leadership in terms of followers that the entity has on the Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok platforms.

During the past year 2020, Barcelona consolidated its presence in the emerging application TikTok and became the first sports club to exceed 10,000 subscriptions on YouTube. Further, landed on the Twitch platform, of videos in ‘streaming’, opening an account for the first time.


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