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'Why am I physically and emotionally tortured': Kangana Ranaut shares new video, complains to Supreme Court


Tribune Web Desk
Chandigarh, January 8

Actor Kangana Ranaut shared another one-and-a-half-minute clip where she talked about marking attendance with the police, and not being able to speak about the sedition case that has been registered against her. 

On Friday, Kangana was seen at Bandra police station to record her statement in the case. 

Kangana addressed the Supreme Court in her video, questioning why she has been asked to stay silent about the issue. She also compared the treatment she has received to women being burnt alive during the medieval ages.

Sharing the clip on a microblogging website, she wrote: “Why am I being mentally, emotionally and now physically tortured? I need answers from this nation…. I stood for you it’s time you stand for me …Jai Hind.” 

“Since I have spoken up in the country’s favour, the way I have been tortured and harassed, the whole country is seeing it. My house was illegally destroyed. I am being slapped with innumerable cases everyday for speaking in favour of farmers. Someone has filed a case against me even for laughing. My sister Rangoli (Chandel) had spoken about the harassment that doctors had to face in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. A case was filed against her and my name was also added to it. I wasn’t even on Twitter at that time,” she said in the video.

“The honorable Chief Justice ji rejected the case saying that it was baseless. I was told that I will have to go to the police station to mark attendance. No one is telling me what this attendance is for. I have also been told that I cannot speak about these harassments to anyone. So I wish to ask the honorable Supreme Court, is this the medieval age where women are burnt alive? They can’t say anything to anyone. The whole world can see this torture. Those watching the spectacle, I wish to tell them that the tears of blood that were shed in thousands of years of slavery, you will have to shed them again if nationalist voices are silenced. Jai Hind,” she said.

Kangana, who has been provided Y-plus category security of CRPF personnel, arrived at the police station in suburban Mumbai around 1 pm along with her advocate amid heavy media presence. 


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