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NASA warns about asteroid that could collide with Earth in 2022 | The State

Last Tuesday, NASA announced that the asteroid “2009 JF1” has a high probability of hitting Earth in 2022, lor which has made him number one on the Space Agency’s list of “major threats.”

Through a system called Sentry, which serves to monitor collisions, NASA indicated that the date of the impact It could happen on May 6 next year cataloging the impact as the “most dangerous” of the next 100 years.

Although this sounds alarming, the truth is that the probability of the crash occurring is 0.026%.

Experts believe that in the event that it hits our planet, there would be an explosion equivalent to the detonation of 230 kilotons of dynamite. This explosion would be devastating considering that the Hiroshima bomb, dropped in 1945, exploded with a force of 15 kilotons.


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