Dubai’s abra drivers given training on COVID-19 precautions

Dubai: The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has held a workshop to educate drivers of abras operating at Sabkha and Baniyas marine stations about the precautionary measures against COVID-19. They were also briefed on various offences and the best practices in marine transport.

Saeed Al Balushi, director of Passengers Transport Activities Monitoring, Public Transport Agency at the RTA, said: “Abra drivers had been briefed on violations such as the use of an expired driving permit, disregard to abra queuing at the station’s platform, reckless driving, lack of cleaning and maintenance of the interior and body of the abra, disregard to the maximum number of riders, collection of excess fare, overnight staying on-board the abra, failure to wear the uniform, poor personal hygiene, and failure to comply with the safety and security measures in place.”

The field workshop took place at Sabkha and Baniyas marine stations and attended by 35 abra drivers. The workshop stressed on the importance of taking preventive measures against the coronavirus for the safety of both drivers and riders

Al Balushi added: “The importance of the workshop is highlighted by the increased public use of abras during these cooler days, especially among tourists and residents. The Passengers Transport Activities Monitoring Department is keen to realise RTA’s vision as a world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.”

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