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Jailyne Ojeda captures glances wearing her rear with sensual outfits | The State

Jailyne ojeda She has become one of the influencers with the most followers on Instagram and she knows how to thank her fans for their affection with all kinds of publications that unleash the lowest passions.

On this occasion, the young woman who is about to turn 23, captured glances thanks to a series of photographs where you can see him showing his rear with sexy outfits ranging from dresses, a bodysuit and even a tiny bathing suit.

“16,17,18,19,20,21,22 And I’ll be 23 this Saturday January 9th ❤️ who follows me since I was 16 ?! Be honest 😂 ”, he asked in the images that have more than 476 thousand likes.

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Before the end of 2020, the Mexican gave something to talk about by uploading several postcards in a bikini during her vacation in the Maldives.


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