Influencer’s father breaks down in tears after learning that his son paid the mortgage on his house as a Christmas present | The State

The influencer has more than 2 million followers on TikTok.


The father of British youtuber Jamie Nyland could not contain the tears when he found out that his son had paid mortgage of his house as a gift from Christmas.

An entry from amateur video on TikTok This Sunday shows the moment when the user with more than two million fans on that social network announces that he paid “every penny” of the mortgage.

Nyland, 24, from England, settled the outstanding debt with the bank so that his father, Richard, can retire earlier than planned.

“I just called the bank and paid every penny on his mortgage,” says Jamie. “I swear,” “I swear,” insists the young man.

Initially, Richard does not believe the boy’s words until the latter convinces him. The parent cannot stop crying.

“You have worked all your life and now you can retire,” adds the son while indicating that he does it because he wants to.

“It’s in the will. What is yours is mine ”, expresses the father when the influencer tells him that the house is his. It is then that Nyland also begins to cry.

In a later comment on networks, the Englishman explained that for four years he has made videos for Vine and for 10 years on YouTube to fulfill the “sole objective” of paying off his family’s mortgage.


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