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Daughter and boyfriend accused of murder of woman in upstate New York | The State

A 17-year-old teenager and her 16-year-old boyfriend were charged with the murder of a woman in upstate New York.

According to Rochester First, Ottilia Piros, 36, was found dead on December 29 when agents were called to inquire about the woman’s well-being.

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On Tuesday, Drew Forsythe, Police Chief of Greece, a town west of Rochester, reported that Hannah Thomas and her boyfriend Richard Avila were arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Thomas is the daughter of Prios.

“We are not going to speculate as to why this was done other than to say that it was a heinous act and that is all I am going to say about it,” said Forsythe. “She [Piros] was shot at close range in the head. For me, that is an execution ”.

The Chief of Police said that suspects are Arizona residents but they visited the area for the holidays. Thomas and Avila were arrested in Missouri, when he was traveling in Prios’s car.

The detainees will be extradited to New York.

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“This woman, who did not deserve this, was murdered during the holidays for his own daughterForsythe said. “Our hearts go out to that family and their friends because there is nothing worse than that.”


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