They assure that Justin Bieber is studying to become minister | The State

Affirm that Justin Bieber He is studying to become a minister, hoping to help run Hillsong after the firing of his preacher friend Carl Lentz, according to a Page Six report.

Justin does not plan to give up his music career, but he feels there is a greater calling for him. He wants to be a full-fledged minister next year“, Informed a source to the means.

Bieber has openly said that the Hillsong Church has saved him in his darkest days where he has been linked to drugs, public crises and arrests.

He is currently one of the most prominent figures who attend and sponsor the church, in addition to belonging to the choir of the same.

Pastor Carl Lentz is one of the Biebers’ closest friends and after his dismissal for “moral flaws,” Justin believes he can help lead the church.

Justin believes he can take a leadership position in restoring order. He’s never been happier or healthier, and says he owes it to the churchThe source said.


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