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Carolina Sandoval clarifies her current situation with "Suelta la Sopa" | The State

Carolina Sandoval clarifies her current situation with

Carolina Sandoval.

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Who until recently was the host of the show business “Tell me what you know”, gave an interview for the program“Live Gossip”, in which he said he reissued his book “Tell me what you post and I will tell you who you are”. “Now the book is written in the past tense, because many of those things have already happened and this is how it should go.”

Javier Ceriani, host of the show, asked him about the problems he had with the publications he made on his social networks while on the show Telemundo. “The Poisonous” She said that she always had problems because of it and that, as a strong and brave woman, she always stood before the executives not only of that one but of all the programs she has worked on.

The same host asked him what his situation is with the show “Tell me what you know” and if they are still paying you despite not working there anymore. The Venezuelan said that the day she did “En Vivo”, for which she was supposedly fired, Carlos Mesber, her former boss, called her husband and told him she couldn’t “Put your hands in it”. She also added that the show’s board expected her to make a public apology that weekend, which she did not do.

Elisa beristain He asked her very directly about whether or not she accepted the $ 60,000 that was supposedly offered to keep her quiet. Carolina clarified that she “He has not said that he has not accepted the money but that they still have not had money to pay him”. He also added: “I am still on the payroll – supposedly – and they want to continue depositing me, which I have not needed, nor has it happened. My lawyer will be taking charge and understanding with them because for me, I am in something else … “

Here we leave you the complete interview that you will carry out “Live Gossip” to Carolina sandoval.

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