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They assure that Eleazar Gómez spent Christmas and New Years in the worst way | The State

Yanira Diaz, cousin of Eleazar Gomez, states that the actor spent the December dates alone, while he is being held in the North Prison of Mexico City for allegedly attacking his former partner, Tefi Valenzuela.

In an interview for a US television medium, Díaz said that he tried to enter the penitentiary to live with his cousin on the last day of 2020, but the authorities did not allow it because the bond that unites them is not so direct.

He also revealed that the actor’s mood has deteriorated while awaiting the audience for his case on January 6, 2021.

Yes, he is sad, but I think he has to be strong and, precisely, that’s what he came to“The woman declared before the cameras of Despierta América.


Gomez has not been able to receive many visits from his mother or sister for health reasons. The first suffers from various diseases and the second became a mother a few months ago.

Yanira Díaz, has remained close to the family and is the one who has been giving the most statements about the Eleazar process. He has even faced criticism after comments he made two weeks after his cousin was admitted to prison.

“I would tell Stefi to value it, I think that she as a woman and person has to understand that today she is in prison for 15 days and how sad, because there was love, affection and somehow respect. I believe that he has already paid to society with 15 days in prison until todayHe said for a magazine.

Although Tefi Valenzuela, as he is also known, already forgave his attacker from the heart, he insisted on continuing with the process until the last consequences because he wants to teach him a lesson and that there is no more victim in the actor’s history.

The actor is awaiting his next hearing next week, when his legal status is expected to be defined.


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