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Learn the formula to always prepare healthy dinners and not go off the diet | The State

Given the reduced metabolic capacity of the body at night, it is important that our dinners are as “heavy” as possible so that they do not take their toll on us later. According to Cuídate Plus, There are guidelines to consider when planning dinner..

One of them refers to the precaution we must take with the inclusion of red meat in dinner. Another involves the importance of consume fruits in general terms, while also talking about the limited presence that supplements should have.

Red meat at dinner: yes or no?

In the beginning, it is not entirely convenient to add red meat to dinner. One of the reasons for this would be that some research has indicated a possible carcinogenic potential in this type of meat, which would make them dangerous to the human body.

However, this risk can be satisfactorily regulated with eat red meat in a balanced way, which will prevent us from disregarding your health benefits.

Include fruits at dinner

There is nothing wrong with including fruits in our dinner. There are even specialists who encourage the consumption of pieces of fruit throughout the day as much as possible.

In this sense, you can prepare dishes based on the combination of different fruits so that you receive the greatest possible amount of benefits.

Nutritional supplements at dinner?

In general terms, the use of nutritional supplements is not recommended unless there is a vitamin deficiency that justifies adding supplements on a day-to-day basis. This is regardless of the time of day we use the supplement.

Specialists emphasize that it is much better to rely on a diet that provides all the necessary nutrients for the body than on supplements, which may not provide the necessary amount for our body.

For dinners, foods that are light and easy to digest are recommended. Source: Pexels

How beneficial would it be to include cold cuts at dinner?

As well as red meat, It is not highly recommended to include these foods in this meal of the day, nor in the others. If you do, it is best to do it in moderate amounts, such as 1 or 2 times every two weeks. For people who are looking to lose weight, it is best to avoid them altogether.

What kind of chocolate to add to dinner?

Adding chocolate to dinner depends a lot on the type of chocolate that we decide to add to our diet. If we talk about the one that is made up of sugar and fat emulsions, it would be best to leave it out of our nightly dish.

On the other hand, a chocolate with a high percentage of purity (between 75 and 80%) can have positive effects due to its content in plant phytochemicals or bioactive compounds with beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

In general, not all foods are suitable to be consumed during dinner, or at least not in a significant quantity. If possible, we should be reserved with the portions, and with what we want.

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