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Chicago Teachers Union Leader Pushes For Virtual Classes As He Shares Instagram Photos From His Puerto Rico Vacation | The State

The leader of a teachers union in Chicago advocated for remote classes in city schools as a preventive measure against the coronavirus, while vacationing in a hotel in Puerto Rico, and now it has become the talk of social media.

Sarah Chambers, who belongs to the executive board of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) And she is also vice president of the union in the area, she insisted on her call to maintain virtual classes in public schools under the argument that it is not safe for students to leave their homes to resume face-to-face classes this Monday due to the coronavirus.

While vacationing on the Caribbean island for the end of the year, Chambers shared the following on networks: “I have heard that an educational revolution is taking place. Tons of members email their administrator: I will be affirming my right to continue working in a secure remote environment on January 4, 2021. I have signed the pledge, along with more than 8,000 unionized educators to continue working remotely. “

But that and other posts he shared on networks like Instagram have been used against him.

In one last Thursday, the union leader appears resting near the hotel pool.

“We have the whole pool to ourselves. Then, we go to Old San Juan (colonial zone in the metropolitan area of ​​the Caribbean island) to eat a tasty seafood mofongo ”, reads the comment that accompanies the image.

The union spokeswoman changed the security settings of her Instagram account to be private after the stir caused by her photos.

In a post on Twitter, cited by the Daily Mail, Chambers defended himself against the criticism against him, claiming, among other things, that he has already been diagnosed and has overcome COVID-19, so the chances are low that he will be infected again.

“I underwent 4 COVID tests (2 rapid, 2 CPR) before coming here and I put on two masks (N95). Scientists say that airplanes are safer than grocery stores because airplanes have filtration at the ICU (intensive care unit) level, and everyone wears masks, ”the spokeswoman explained in one of the tweets.

Chambers added: “My doctor said that it is extremely unlikely for me to get COVID again, after I had it so hard.”


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