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New York Marshals Uncover Three Clandestine New Year's Eve Parties | The State

New York sheriffs uncover three clandestine New Year's Eve parties

The festivals were dismantled in three counties.

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New York Sheriff’s agents dismantled three illegal New Year’s parties with dozens of attendees and no coronavirus prevention protocols.

In Queens authorities found a karaoke bar with 300 people without masks in an industrial space on 58th Street near 55th Drive. Agents arrived at the scene at 2:00 a.m. after receiving an anonymous tip. At the scene, about 25 people were seen leaving through the emergency exit of a building.

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The authorities sanctioned Man Phan, 37, his wife Bin Wang, 37, Guowei Lin, 44, and another 35-year-old who was not identified. They were fined for selling liquor without a license, risking public health and violating social distancing rules. They could pay up to $ 15,000 fine.

In manhattan

An hour after the raid in Queens, agents broke up a celebration in Prince Street of Soho. There they found 145 people at an illegal party.

Four people, the organizers of the party, were punished with $ 1,000 for violating social distancing. They will also have to answer for the illegal sale of liquor and risk public health.

In brooklyn

The bailiffs also had work with a sunset park party that housed about 80 people, who danced and consumed hookah.

Al Zabidi was identified as the organizer of the party. The subject was summoned to court.


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