Jennifer Lopez suffers an accident in full New Year’s presentation in Times Square The State

Jennifer Lopez suffers an accident in full New Year's presentation in Times Square

Jennifer Lopez.

Emma McIntyre. / Getty Images

One of the invited to be part of the event held in Times Square, in downtown New York, to receive the New Year and that undoubtedly took the night was Jennifer Lopez, by wearing a tight outfit that revealed her impeccable curves and who, despite suffering an accident during her performance, gave a lecture on her professionalism.

And it is that her outfit with an opening in the back to her hips almost betrayed the singer when she performed her choreography when in one of her steps she had to slide on the floor and ended up colliding with one of the cameras that recorded her presentation to the rhythm of ‘ Dance Again ‘.

The mishap was so evident that he did not mind sharing it on his social networks, taking the moment with good humor and showing that despite the unforeseen he has to continue with his show as if nothing had happened.

‘The Bronx Diva’ has been characterized, in addition to her music and acting, in being a great businesswoman with excellent taste in fashion, so much so that she has her own clothing line thanks to the great empire she has created with her image .

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