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Belinda and Christian Nodal fight on live broadcast | The State

Belinda and Christian Nodal fight on live broadcast

Christian Nodal and Belinda.

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The romance of Belinda and Christian nodal It started when they both participated as coaches in a reality show and since they made their relationship formal before the public they continue to grab the headlines.

And it is that now that the holidays have passed and that the couple shared Christmas Eve, their fans kept up to date to see if they would also start the year together, which they did. They even took time to do a live on Instagram which was going well, until fans asked if they knew some of their songs.

When the singer questioned Nodal About how many songs were known about her, he could not respond instantly, to what the interpreter wanted to rescue by starting to sing the lyrics of one of his girlfriend’s songs, but she scolded him for not knowing any of his songs.

“What’s that? It doesn’t go like that.” Was the phrase the actress also said to her boyfriend Christian.

It was with a great party in which Christian and Beli received 2021 as they allowed it to be seen through their networks, and although the Mexican regional singer was away from his parents and siblings because they are infected with Covid-19, it seems that the relationship with his in-laws are the best.

The truth is that anything around the famous couple continues to attract great attention, both from the media and from users of social networks.

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