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‘The Boss’ is back: Bruce Springsteen turns 71 with a new album on the way | The NY Journal


The winner of more than 20 Grammys celebrates his birthday by returning to the scene with his E-Street Band

If anyone is the boss of rock, it is undoubtedly Bruce Springsteen. Nicknamed that by his band members E-Street Band, singer, songwriter and musician reaches 71 years with more desire to continue “rocking” than to rest.

With five decades of an impeccable career, “El Jefe ”has managed to surpass 64.5 million sales in the United States and more than 120 million albums sold worldwide. The successes endorse it, songs like “Born to Run”, “Atlantic City”, “The River”, “Racing in the Streets”, have placed at the top of the world rankings and in the hearts of all their fans.

It was in the late 1960s that Springsteen formed, In the first instance the musical trio Earth, then a band called Child and later Steel Mill. However, the pianist David Sancious came to their ranks, so in the end the group remained as E-Street Band.

And it is precisely with this group that “El Jefe” will return to his old ways. Less than two weeks ago his birthday announced that he would release a new album called “Letter to You”, which has been number 20 in his career, material to be revealed for the October 23.

Passed six long years for Bruce and the E-Street Band to return to the recording studio, and 365 days after the New Jersey-born singer will release another album after “Western Stars.”

Apparently, “Letter of You” will include 12 songs that were produced live and without re-recording, something that the creator of “The Rising” has extremely excited, as he himself confessed in an interview.

“I love the album, I’m happy with how the emotional part has been impressed on it. We recorded it in just five days and it turned out to be one of the best recording experiences I’ve had in my career.

The sound of the E-Street Band playing in my studio completely live and without re-recording is spectacular, something we have never done before.“Said the” Boss “himself a few days ago in a question and answer session.

Bruce Springsteen, winner of more than 20 Grammys and who in 1999 entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he will undoubtedly continue to be “The Boss” of rock and roll, until history dictates otherwise.



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