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How Gemma Collins was nominated for Nobel Prize by pranksters to upset Trump


Gemma Collins’ nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize has been a major talking point of the last week.

While there’s no doubt the GC has achieved a huge amount and carved out a hugely successful career, fans were left questioning how exactly she could “use her Towie-learned skills to bring peace in North Korea.”

The nomination was actually a result of famed YouTube pranksters Josh Pieters and Archie Manning, best known for tricking right-wing loudmouth Katie Hopkins into attending a fake event and accepting a “C**T” award.

The pair explained that they’d crafted their latest stroke of genius in response to US President Donald Trump’s nomination for the same prize.

Josh and Archie insisted Gemma is ‘arguably more peaceable than Donald Trump’

They concluded that the only person who could give Trump a run for his money was the GC herself.

So they set up their own Peace Research Institute and threw Gemma’s name into the ring.

Reasoning that her recent split from on-off flame James Argent had resulted in “minimal armed conflict”, Josh and Archie shared a screengrab of the email that proved their nomination had been taken into account.

Gemma’s rep previously denied comment on the prank.

Trump was nominated too

They also put forward presidential long-shot Kanye West, and Mickey Mouse.

They told Metro : ” Donald Trump has obviously been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which became a massive story all over the world, and then he in fact acknowledged it, and was using it as a way to encourage people to vote for him by talking about how magnificent he was.”

They added: “So what we did was we set up our own Peace Research Institute and nominated someone we thought would give Donald Trump a good run for his money in the Nobel Peace Prize and that is Gemma Collins.”

Josh and Archie hope the GC can ‘give Trump a run for his money’

Gemma was nominated alongside Kanye West and Mickey Mouse

Josh and Archie have racked up a considerable online following, but they went viral after a recent stunt which saw them convince Katie Hopkins to fly to Prague for a fake event.

She even accepted the fake Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy, with the capital letters above her head spelling out a certain crude word.

Josh and Archie were the architects behind one of the best pranks of all time

“She had absolutely no idea,” Josh laughed.

“The con was the two to three hour dinner before her speech, where she genuinely believed she was in a room with 10 white racists.”

Rent-a-gob Hopkins was recently banned – permanently – from Twitter after a social media career fostering hate, racial division, and cruelty.


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