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Tesla launches a subscription and monthly payment plan to make use of the autopilot in its models | The NY Journal


Enhancements for cars from Tesla via software updates are now available in a new purchase mode. These updates can improve the characteristics of the vehicle without having to go through the workshop to change any parts or having to resort to piracy.

To make use of these improvements legally, Tesla has entered a subscription model through the official Tesla app, where you can find access to the autopilot system through a subscription.

It should be noted that currently Tesla vehicles have hardware called Full Self-Driving which was introduced in April 2019. This computer allows the car to have new functions for its autopilot and Tesla promised that in the future it will allow “full autonomous driving“.

Tesla Model 3. / Photo: Courtesy Tesla.

While that happens, Tesla has made the autopilot functions available with a package that costs 7,500 euros. However, Elon musk It has also introduced a subscription model for those who do not want to pay the package in cash. So far there are no official data on what the monthly fee of said subscription will be, nor in which countries it will arrive, nor what are the exact functions it will offer.

According to information from Xataka, Tesla’s total autonomous driving capacity pack offers automatic driving on the highway, overtaking other cars, lane change, self-parking and arrival of the car from the parking lot to the driver. Tesla announced that it will soon recognize traffic lights and stop signs, as well as automatic driving on urban roads.




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