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Serious baby in hospital, grandmother gave him hand sanitizer thinking it was fruit puree | The NY Journal


The mother advises other parents to be careful with some products that look like what they are not

Serious baby in hospital, grandmother gave him hand sanitizer thinking it was fruit puree

It is a hand sanitizer that Grandma mistook for puree.

Nikki Teixeira / Courtesy

A mother warned parents to be careful with some products, after the Grandma you gave her baby a hand sanitizer to eat. A serious mistake, which the woman made because she thought it was a fruit puree due to the packaging of the product.

Logan, is a baby 18 months, son of Nikki teixeira, explained that the baby “immediately turned red and started coughing” after consuming the “Trolls” disinfectant. Then he fell asleep.

The mother, originally from Manitoba, Canada, told Good Morning America that she bought the disinfectant for her 7-year-old stepdaughter to take to school.

“From the way it was packaged and displayed with the hand sanitizers, I didn’t even think it looked like food,” he explained. But taken out of that health context, it may seem so.

When little Logan ate some of the product, his grandmother realized what it was because he was “a little sleepy and beside himself.” He immediately called a neighbor and 911.

According to Texeira, the baby was half unconscious for a few minutes, although then he came to himself when the paramedics arrived who They took him to the hospital as a precautionary measure.

The mother shared a photo of the Trolls World Tour gel pack on Facebook, warning parents not to buy the product.

“Please DO NOT buy these cute Wal-Mart hand sanitizer bags that can easily be mistaken for a food bag,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“I am hoping to warn others about this misleading packaging. Ultimately, I’d like to see them off the shelves entirely. “

The package contains a small warning that says: “Do not eat.”

Smart Care, the company behind the product, has recalled the item from storesreports ABC News.

“As safety is our number one priority, we have changed this packaging for our bottled hand sanitizer to eliminate any misconceptions or concerns,” the company spokesperson told the news outlet.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has a regularly updated unused product list regarding hand sanitizer at http://www.fda.gov/handsanitizerlist.

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