Richa Chadha replies to Sona Mohapatra’s ‘Actresses for Anurag Kashyap’ remark in Payal Ghosh case: ‘I shall protect my name’


Amid several female actors supporting Anurag Kashyap, singer Sona Mohapatra has said she stands by Payal Ghosh’s right ‘to tell the world her experience and truth’. She added a caveat that ‘maligning other women publicly in the bargain basis heresay’ is ‘in bad taste’.

Richa Chadha replied to Sona statement on Twitter and thanked her, “TY Sona,I fully support Ms.Ghosh’s quest for justice,it’s her right as a woman and as a citizen.Should he be found guilty after an investigation,the courts will take over.But I can’t overlook this vulgar, unwarranted personal attack on me by Ms.Ghosh,so I shall protect my name.”


Sona also drew attention towards “Actresses for AK” and pointed out that hardly any actor had shown solidarity for those who fought for justice during India’s MeToo movement.

Sona had written in one of her tweets, “Forget about joining a movement like #Metoo , that didn’t happen but not one Veteran,young Turk,Queen or Princess from Bollywood expressed any solidarity for the few of us who fought lone, punishing battles.Interesting to see the opposite.Actresses for AK..Tells you a lot. “


Speaking in defence of Payal, Sona said, “The #MeToo movement is 1 where someone speaks their truth, in this case Payal is telling her story & for 100’s to be asking me about this has been a harrowing.I’ve worked with Anurag Kashyap. Haven’t experienced anything. Can’t make up a story to please the mob & sorry (not).”


Sona said that despite the actors speaking of their own comfortable experience working with Anurag, it doesn’t prove Payal’s story wrong. She wrote, “So, yes, none of this #SmashPatriarchy sloganeering by most of our industry rings true therefore… There are exceptions to this but exceptions don’t make the rule. I have met, even worked with some of these exceptions & feel grateful for that. Hope & pray that tribe grows.”

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Richa recently sent a legal notice to Payal for ‘unnecessarily and falsely (dragging)’ her name into her allegations of sexual assault against Anurag. Payal had claimed that Anurag told her that female actors such as Richa, Mahie Gill and Huma Qureshi would perform sexual favours for him and he expected the same from her. Anurag has denied the allegations, calling them baseless and an attempt to silence him.

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