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As the end of summer approaches and we prepare for the next stage, in a year that has been incredibly difficult and completely unpredictable, I invite those who have not already done so to take ten minutes to complete the 2020 United States Census Do it now. Put this down for a moment, pick up your phone or head over to your computer and do it.

To those who have already completed it, I thank you very much as a New Yorker. To those of you who haven’t – roughly 40% of New Yorkers at the beginning of September – please fill it out now; there is too much at stake.

Take a careful look at the area where you live, the place where you are raising your families, the place you call home. That neighborhood and its community receive funding and representation based on the answers you and your neighbors give in the Census. We live in a world that often makes us feel like no one is listening. A world where some voices feel ignored. Where the needs of many people, including and especially our most vulnerable citizens, are often not met.

Plus, it’s easy to feel helpless and burdened in a world where people’s isolation and fear have deepened due to a global pandemic.

This is your chance to fight all of that. It is the possibility that they take them into account. And so, make sure that you, your families, and your communities have the representation you deserve in Congress. It is ensuring that decision makers hear your voices and understand your needs. It’s your chance to make sure your neighborhoods receive the funds they are entitled to to finance schools, hospitals and health services, care for the elderly and other social services, as well as improvements to public roads and much more.

Is it really important? How much do we risk? Here’s an example: if a 5-year-old girl or boy is not counted in the 2020 Census, New York City will not receive funds for him or her to go to school until the next census; that is, when I am in high school. This represents 10 years of education without the necessary resources.

The deadline to complete the Census is September 30. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete. The questions are simple: How many people live in your houses? How old are you? Basic issues. There are no questions about citizenship and it is not necessary to be a citizen to complete the Census. If they live in New York City, if they walk its streets, use schools, public transportation, and more, then they need to be counted.

The role of the New York Public Library in this matter is important. As an organization dedicated to providing knowledge and opportunity to everyone, one of our goals is to give New Yorkers the tools they need to be productive members of civic society and our democratic process. We have partnered with the City of New York and the federal government to invite our users to complete the Census; We contribute by answering frequently asked questions as a trusted community resource, we often host events outside of our libraries so that New Yorkers can complete the Census or answer questions in person and – as far as possible in the world current — we help more than a million New Yorkers and New Yorkers without internet access to access the Census website. Today this means keeping all of our libraries connected to Wi-Fi (including those that are still temporarily closed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19), to help surrounding residents connect to their devices and complete the census. It is also possible to do it by phone. To do it in Spanish, call 844-468-2020. We will continue to do all of this until the last moment.

We know that, for some of our communities, official government business can be scary, it can be overwhelming. We live with these communities in our libraries and understand their concern. However, we promise that the benefit of completing this short survey will be enormous. Be productive and productive and affirm and respond to your civic engagement, for yourself and your families. If you haven’t completed the online form yet, chances are someone who is working for the Census will come to your door to ask if you need help. The people who work for the census can help you, but if you prefer to avoid the encounter, go online and complete it now.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve already taken the first step to better understand what the Census is all about. Visit nypl.org/census for more information. And when you’re ready and ready, go to my2020Census.gov and fill out the Census. It doesn’t matter where they live, the status of their citizenship, or the languages ​​they speak. You matter. You count. Now is the time to prove it.

Your participation will ensure that New York City continues to be strong. They have until September 30. Thanks for completing it. And soon, when we can meet again, I look forward to holding an accurate count in one of our libraries.

-Anthony W. Marx is the president of the NY Public Library



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