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Lewis Capaldi boasts about rubbing ego in friends faces when they are on toilet


Lewis Capaldi has signalled that he loves to rub his success in the faces of his friends when they are on the toilet – by displaying his trophies in his bathroom.

The 23-year-old Scottish singer has racked up 11 awards since he burst on to the music scene in 2017 – with two Brit Awards among his collection.

The Someone You Loved crooner has revealed he keeps his collection of awards in his bathroom – where they are proudly on display.

And he says he gets a kick out of the thought of friends and family being forced to stare at his awards while they are answering a call of nature.

Lewis Capaldi knew exactly where to stick his Brit Awards

He declared during an interview in the USA: “I like the thought people go to the toilet and while they’re on the toilet, they go, ‘Wow, this guy is pretty successful’.

“I like to remind people, literally when their pants are down, ‘Look at my achievements’.

“Do you know what I mean? Never let them have a moment to themselves.”

The Scottish singer wants his friends and family to acknowledge his success when they go to the bathroom

Lewis caused controversy at the Brit awards back in February when he proved he has a potty mouth.

ITV were forced to mute parts of his acceptance speech when he let loose a string of swear words after clambering to the stage, drink in hand, after winning the Best New Artist gong.

His acceptance speech was short but… explicit, as he declared: “Thank you very f***ing much.”

The singer has enjoyed wild success since first bursting on to the music scene in 2017

The singer has a reputation for swearing.

The Huffington Post were left blushing in 2019 when the star dropped the F-bomb 17 times in the space of a 20 minute interview.

While the f-bomb also features on the songs Maybe and Fade from his debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent.


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