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Kim Kardashian lavishes love on Paris Hilton as they reunite for day of luxury


Kim Kardashian proved she is still Paris Hilton’s biggest cheerleader decades after she surpassed her fame as she invited her to spend a day with her.

The 39-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had her first taste of fame as a guest on episodes of 39-year-old Paris’s reality show, The Simple Life, back in the early 2000s.

And while Kim has since gone on to become an inescapable force on reality TV, social media and beyond, the friendship of decades past appears to be back in Vogue.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Friday, Kim declared that she and Paris were “opposite twins” as they pouted and posed together.

Filming herself in the back of a car, Kim was the Yin to Paris’s Yang as they swished around luxuriously conditioned and styled hair while wearing similar beige-tan coloured outfits.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian reunited for a day of pampering

Addressing the camera, Kim announced: “Cuties! We are like opposite twins.’

Paris concurred, purring: “I know, I love it.”

Explaining why they were together, Kim revealed she was catching up with her friend – and supporting her after she shared her new documentary, This Is Paris, on YouTube this week.

The firm friends declared they were ‘opposite twins’ as they set about spending a day together

The ladies giggled and laughed their way through a car journey

Kim said: “We’re just hanging out. Just a fun day, me and Paris. If you haven’t seen her documentary on YouTube, check it out.”

The ladies then showed off their favourite handbags, with Kim explaining: “So of course if I am hanging out with Paris today we need to carry our favourite bags.

“These bags have been in our lives for a really long time and they mean so much to us.”

Paris and Kim looked thrilled to be spending time together

The ladies bragged about their expensive Louis Vuitton handbags

Kim then went on to suggest she had taken style inspiration for the day from the years she and Paris used to hang out together.

She asked, while wearing some throwback sunglasses: “Can you guys guess what year it is? You guy’s, these sunglasses I’ve had for so long. Since early 2000s. Maybe 1999.”

Kim featured on The Simple Life between 2003 and 2006 where she acted as a stylist and closet organiser for Paris.

The ladies pouted while Kim added some throwback sunglasses

Earlier in the week, Paris insisted she was no ‘dumb blonde’

Meanwhile, Paris shocked fans this week when she debuted her “real voice” during an interview on an Australian news channel.

She declared that she had pretended to be a “dumb blonde” for years for entertainment value, but insisted there was a serious businesswoman behind the facade.

Perhaps taking Kim’s lead for sharing the joys of years gone by, Paris appeared to slip back in to her dumb blonde persona for their Friday afternoon reunion.

She gamely pouted for the camera, swished her hair around, and failed to generate much else to the social media content beyond purrs of agreement.


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