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EastEnders’ Jessica Plummer ‘quietly splits’ from daughter’s father


EastEnders star Jessica Plummer is reported to have “quietly split” from the father of her child.

The 28-year-old Chantelle Atkins actress, who was killed off on screen tonight, is said to have secretly broken up with her ex before she was filmed in what looked to be an explosive argument with him.

In a video obtained by The Sun, Jessica, a member of pop group Neon Jungle, is seen standing by a car pointing at the man stood on the other said as she says: “How dare you?”

Talking across the roof of the car, she names the man Jaz as she calls him “sneaky” and “selfish” before storming off.

It’s reported it was filmed on Wednesday, September 9 at 10.59am.

Jessica is said to have quietly split from the father of her daughter

Now, the publication says Jessica had already split from the father of her daughter Noa, four, by the time this argument took place.

An insider said the childhood sweethearts had been broken up for a while.

They said: “They haven’t been together in a long time – but they still see each other and co-parent.

“Their daughter is the most important thing and they always put her first.”

Jessica with daughter Noa

Her ex was her childhood sweetheart

Jessica has always kept her boyfriend out of the limelight.

She once posted a video of him on her Instagram account, back in 2016 when she announced her pregnancy.

She wrote: “Couldn’t be happier to be starting a family with my childhood sweetheart.”

Jessica’s EastEnders character was murdered tonight in harrowing scenes.

She died when her abusive husband Gray pushed her into the dishwasher and watched her bleed out.

Her character was killed off tonight

He was about to call 999 when he realised he would be suspected and noticed the incriminating evidence that would immediately point police in his direction.

He then made efforts to blame her death on her own children, planting a toy truck where it would look like she had tripped over it and suffered her tragic injuries.

Chantelle was trying to leave her abuser when he abruptly ended her life.

Jessica marked the end of her time on the show by sharing a snap of herself posing up in Albert Square’s pub The Queen Vic, alongside a bust of Victoria.

In the caption, she told people to tune in to watch her final scenes in the BBC One soap.

Mirror Online has contacted Jessica’s representatives for comment.


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