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Ant McPartlin gushes over Declan Donnelly’s beautiful girl Isla in sweet chat


Ant McPartlin always dotes on Declan Donnelly’s beautiful daughter Isla.

The presenter revealed he takes his “uncle” duties very seriously in a candid chat about fatherhood with Dec.

He’s very settled into his role as an uncle after Dec and his wife Ali welcomed their first child in 2018.

Ant told Steve and Karen’s Breakfast Show on TFM: “I haven’t done a nappy. I was round yours the other day.

“We were doing a lot of playing in the garden – she’s absolutely beautiful.”

Also appearing on the show, Dec revealed his little girl has learned to day his name.

“She has just turned two a couple of weeks ago, running around and talking – we are getting words out of her,” he revealed

Ant revealed he dotes on Dec’s ‘beautiful’ daughter Isla

“My wife has taught her to say daddy Dec, she just shouts Dec, Dec.”

But the dad-of-one admitted he’s not one to get his hand dirty when it comes to nappies and usually makes himself scarce.

He confessed: “The nappy thing is a whole new world, you can smell it.

“I take her near Ali and say ‘I think she’s done a poo, you better go and check’, but you do everything it takes to avoid doing a nappy.”

Dec and Ali welcomed little Isla in 2018

Uncle Ant was first to rush over and meet Isla Elizabeth Anne when she was born.

Ant, who had just returned from a romantic holiday with his girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett at the time, headed straight to the hospital to meet the little one.

He’s been besotted with her ever since.

Declan Donnelly and wife Ali Astall take their daughter Isla and dog Rocky for a walk

Since her birth, Ant and Anne-Marie have been spotted out with Dec and his little family numerous times.

It’s believed Ant and Anne-Marie were feeling broody after spending so much time with their new niece, a body language expert told Mirror Online.

Ant’s latest gushing comments come after Judi James previously told us the couple are showing all the signs that they’re in it for the long haul – and even feeling a little broody.

Ant has been a doting uncle to Dec’s little girl

Judi said: “There are subtle body language signals and cues that couples use to suggest they’re up for nesting and taking the next few steps in terms of confirming their couple status, and then there are the not-so-subtle ones, which are on display from Ant and Anne-Marie here.

“First there’s the way the duo are dressing alike, which is always an announcement of twinning, ie when two become one, as the Spice Girls would have said.

“Then there’s the shared ‘his n hers’ baby substitute dogs, which are often the first trial step in starting a family together.

“Then there’s parental role play, which is in evidence here as Anne-Marie takes over buggy duties, walking alongside Ant as though trying the look out for size.”

Ant and Anne-Marie, who worked as his personal assistant, started dating after his split from wife Lisa Armstrong.


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