Sobhita Dhulipala: There are talented people but they don’t have access to the film industry


Actor Sobhita Dhulipala recently took to social media to announce that she’s going to come up with a platform where she would “create and nurture stories for cinema.” The actor says this move may seem like something out of the blue to many, she reveals it is very close to her heart as being an outsider she understands the struggle one goes through to just get the foot in the door.

“I trust that there’s a genuine talent out there and all they need is a clarity of path. When I moved to Mumbai, when I wanted to start off it was so confusing because I didn’t know the hierarchy, I didn’t know the order where to approach where to submit, it was difficult. So I feel like if I am able to channelize, segregate and create a library for scripts, it would be great,” Dhulipala shares. 

The 28-year-old says she wants to create a place that is so rich with stories and imagination that tomorrow interested filmmakers and producers they can come to this place to shop for stories and those that are original and from the country.

“When I came in, I had no blue print to follow. I slowly realised that there are people who’re talented in different spheres — actors, writers directors — on one side of the seesaw there’s talent and on the other side, there are producers and directors who wanted to do something original and new. Because in my brief journey I’ve met people who’ve hired me at the end of the day, and largely most of my work isn’t in the conservative mainstream film category, but what’s missing is the fulcrum, not missing so much more like we could really do with a bridge,” the Made in Heaven star explains.

Dhulipala, however, clarifies that it’s not a production house that she is planning to create. “I am too small to start a production house. It is that middle ground,” she quips.

The actor has already got thousands of mails so far and scripts in different languages and genres.

“There are so many talented people out there but those people don’t have that access to the film industry, the bridge is not that strong and it is not clear. In this lockdown I spend a lot of time writing and developing. I then thought to myself why one has to reach a certain position to do what they genuinely want to do. Sometimes we got to become people who inspire us or need us, you got to become what you want. This is just baby steps,” she concludes.


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