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Lottie Lion celebrates 5lbs weight loss after trolls left her in tears


Lottie Lion has come back fighting on social media as she posted a series of sizzling shots to showcase her recent weight loss.

The 20-year-old former The Apprentice contestant was rebuked by the BBC for ‘inappropriate’ messages in a WhatsApp group and using racist language in referring to one of her fellow contestants, during a controversial appearance on the Lord Sugar fronted show.

Since then, she has found herself being trolled on social media as well as being verbally abused in public.

Lottie documented such an incident on September 5, when the Somerset resident was tackled at her local pub.

She shared a video on Twitter in which she wanted to highlight the effect the trolling and abuse she has received since the show has affected her.

Lottie Lion celebrates 5lbs weight loss after crying over trolls

Writing on the social media site, Lottie introduced the video with the caption: “I am the saddest mess in this video & I know I’m going to regret posting it but this is my state after a woman’s unkind words.

“My mental health is deteriorating rapidly, due to abuse RE The Apprentice but bullying happens daily everywhere.”

In the tearful video, Lottie said: “I’m terrified to go out in public, but what am I supposed to do? Just not go outside and live my life?

“When you tell me how much you hated me, or how annoying you found me and how nasty I was…I know.

“I just went on a programme, I wish that I hadn’t, its my biggest regret…just leave me alone.”

Lottie Lion was in defiant mood on Instagram

The video followed a tweet earlier in the day when Lottie, who now lives in Bristol, shared an unhappy experience she’d had at the pub, where she was confronted.

Lottie wrote: “I’m fed up. I was in a pub with friends this eve & a woman questioned if I were ‘Lottie off The Apprentice’, once I confirmed, she started to abuse me.

“Usually I’m quite strong, but this hit me. I’m embarrassed to say I left in tears. I wasn’t a family fave but this is ruining me.”

Lottie pleaded with the public to treat her better, saying: “please be kinder”.

Lottie Lion was in tears days earlier after being verbally abused in a pub

Days later and Lottie has hit back at her critics by posting the pics after she lost 5lbs in weight, in six weeks.

Wearing a lacy bra top as she pouts into the camera, Lottie told her followers that she was “Back & feeling better than ever.”

She continued in the social media post: “I am celebrating my weight loss over the past few weeks (5lbs in 6 weeks).

“Weight loss isn’t something that is important and I think you should be happy in your own body, it was just a personal goal I’m happy I accomplished.”

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